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Marriage is never easy, and it often requires both parties to meet in the middle on some complicated issues. When neither party can make the move toward compromise, divorce may be the result. Here are the top four reasons for divorce.


Arguments come in all types. Some people are screamers, while others sulk and blame. Each person needs to feel they are being heard, and if that doesn’t happen, problems can arise. If the couple can find no common ground or have the same argument time and again, a discord can grow that is beyond repair.


When trust breaks down due to infidelity in the marriage, it almost always ends in divorce. Resentment can begin to fester, and anger over the affair can cause both parties to withdraw emotionally and physically. The distrust and pain often lead one of the parties to talk to a Columbia divorce lawyer.


Intimacy can bind a couple together as nothing else can, so when there is a lack of intimacy, the couple can begin to become withdrawn and suspicious of their partner. Sex isn’t the glue that holds people together. It is the unexpected hug, verbal appreciation, and joy of being together. When the closeness is lost, divorce often results.


Couples that have different financial goals, spending habits, or saving methods often find that money can cause a power struggle within the relationship. Sometimes that struggle can turn into a battle and put a strain on the marriage. Often the couple ends up divorcing over the stress involved in discussions over money.

Divorce can be a difficult road to walk for those that once had a friendly companionship and trusted lover. If you find yourself contemplating divorce, talk to a lawyer about your concerns. Knowing you can talk to someone that understands what you are going through can make all the difference.

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