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Buying or selling property should never have to be a struggle, even when you have limited knowledge of legal frameworks surrounding property transactions. The process of conveyancing is essential in all property transfers, whether buying or selling property. A property conveyancer is a professional tasked with ensuring that all parties in a property agreement are satisfied and all the dealings fall well within the legal restrictions. Continue reading to find out more about how a property conveyancer in Melbourne can help you and how you can find a reputable one.

What Role Do Conveyancers Play?

There are some key roles that conveyancers play in the property world. Some of the crucial ones include:

  • Giving legal advice where necessary
  • Handling contracts on behalf of their clients
  • Conducting meetings with land registry offices
  • Transferring of funds.

What Factors Should You Consider When Choosing a Conveyancer?

There are some factors that are important to consider when choosing a conveyancer in Melbourne.Be sure to consider the following:

  • Cost: How much are you willing to pay? Do you a maximum budget available to spend? These are questions you should ask yourself before starting your search. Conveyancers can offer different fees, so you’ll need to find one that fits your budget.
  • Knowledge of the law: Conveyancing involves a complex series of steps, which requires a professional with sound knowledge of the local legal regulations and frameworks. You should find out the competency levels of a conveyancer before choosing them.
  • Security of documents: Property titles and other related documents are very important and highly confidential. This means they need to be kept as safe as possible. Find a conveyancer that can ensure all your documents are stored safely during the transaction.

How to Find a Conveyancer in Melbourne

Now that you know what conveyancing entails and what conveyancers do, now comes the time to start looking for a conveyancer that best fits your criteria and who can handle all your property conveyancing needs. Here are some top tips for finding a good conveyancer in Melbourne:

  • Ask friends and family: The most immediate and simplest way of finding a reliable conveyancer is by asking those close to you.
  • Seek recommendations from your mortgage broker or financial adviser: These professionals have all the necessary contacts you could need. They often work hand-in-hand with conveyancing professionals, so they should be able to recommend someone suitable.
  • Ask real estate agents: Most agents work with conveyancers and could give you a good recommendation of a reliable conveyancer. However, you should only ask a trusted agent, as some agents get commissions for recommending certain conveyancers who may not be the best choice for you.
  • Search online: You can search online and read reviews from past clients to help you find a good conveyancer.

As you search for a conveyancer, you should ensure that the conveyancers you’re engaging are fully certified by law to practice and have a solid understanding of all guidelines and regulations in your local area. They should have a robust system in place that takes care of any problems that may arise during the conveyancing process.


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