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For a person to migrate to Australia, the following are the requisite requirements

  • The person migrating to Australia must not have attained the age of 45 years or should be under the age of 45 years while applying for the visa.

  • The person applying for a visa for migration to Australia should be able to write, speak, and understand the language of English to work in Australia.

  • The individual should apply for a nominated skill of occupation that can fit your skills and your qualifications when you are migrating to the country of Australia.

Cost of Migration to Australia

For a person to migrate to Australia, there are minimal procedures that should be followed and would cost you some amount of money. The cost included in the migration is, the charges for applying for a visa from the Department of Home Affairs or commonly known as DHA, could cost around 3670 Australian Dollars for the permits for the permanent residence.

The individual shifting to Australia could have to apply for the skill assessment that would cost within a range of 300 to 1050 Australian Dollars depending upon the skills the individual possesses.

The cost of partners  migrating to Australia  varis and includes migration consultant and application fees. The charges for the medical tests would also be applicable to the individual before migrating to Australia. In addition to the above, the individual has to provide the government with a certificate of clearance from the Police department.

Things to know before migrating to Australia

  • A report suggests that a significant population is residing on the coast of Australia, which sums up to 90% of the total population of the country.

  • The cleanest air of the world is found in the city of Tasmania, Australia.

  • Australia has always been fancy wines and has an enormous 60 different wine regions in the country.

  • Australia is also known to have the largest sand island in the world in the form of Fraser Island.

  • Australia also has the Indian Pacific train, which has the most extended straight section of tracks of the train in the world.

  • The world has bowed down to Australia in terms of animal species as the country’s 80% species is unique and is found nowhere rather than Australia.

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