By | 2018-03-14
Australia Presenting Informative Tool Box of Australia's Work Permit Rules

Going with the past and present profile of Australia the country has always gained leading edge in terms of the living conditions that it offers. The country has been gaining great results in all indices including education, income, health and medical aid and the overall lifestyle that it presents. Australia is a developed commonwealth country holding economy that is considered to be 12th according to the world index. Australia has a very small population and this is the prime reason that it has always been opened to newer and newer opportunities attracting people from all over the world. Australia has a high trading economy with agriculture and mining sector contributing largely towards the strengthening growth of Australia. Australia has been continually providing professional and supportive migration gateway to people all round the globe. According to researchers and migration experts, Australian offers great demand of skilled workers to raise the employment level in the country and contribute in the economy of the country. This has thus brought drift in Australia work permit rules with the governing bodies providing a more reflective migration scenario to the migrants. Australia has opened skilled migration program that includes several Australian work permit rules that needs to be fulfilled properly. Australian work permit rules includes age, education, work and language eligibilities that are often calculated under point based system and needs to fulfilled to get visa to Australia. Under the Australian work permit rule the migrant should be below the age of 50, he/ she should have the proficiency to write and speak English. Moving ahead to the education and work rule, the willing migrant should possess post secondary qualification and should have experience of 12 months out of the last 24 months. Australia work permit rule offers point system to the willing migrant under whom points are differentiated on the basis of age, language ability, educational qualification, skilled employment and regional study. One need to clear the point margin of 65 gives the migrant point clearance thus making him clear with the Australia work permit rule leading towards successful work permit visa to work and live in Australia. Australia work permit rule provides three working visa category to the migrant that are: skilled independent visa, skilled nominated visa and skilled nominated or sponsored visa. Australia work permit rules can be thus considered as very flexible gateway to avail visa to work and live in Australia thus offering a win- win situation both to the migrants as well to the country strengthening the migration bond the promises to present great results to the country as well.

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