By | 2018-04-01
How to Differ Between a Genuine and Fake Canada Migration Consultant in India?

Canada is one of the wealthiest countries in the world along with a very impressive human development index. It has great job opportunities which has made it popular destination for Indians those who plan to settle down abroad. Numerous immigration consultants are present in the country that assists people to move to Canada. The market is flooded with thousands of consultants and many of them are fake. Therefore while choosing an immigration consultant proper check must be made to avoid future problems. Below mentioned guidelines would help you to choose a consultant that is efficient and genuine: 1: Get general information about the services offered: When you are choosing for Canada Migration consultant in India that would ease your immigration process, know about his services in detail. A meeting with him would make things more clear. You would understand whether he/she is capable of providing proper help and guidance to you or not. 2: Check whether consultant is authorized or not: It is very important for you to ensure that consultant is authorized as it saves you from falling into hands of a fake immigration consultant. Proper knowledge about the immigration regulatory council of Canada is very important. Your chosen consultant must be either recognized by Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) or a member of CSIC (good standing of the Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants).

3: Experience: Ask from the consultant about the experience he/she have in this field. You can even ask about the percentage of his clients who have successfully migrated after using his/her Canada Migration consultant services. Experience plays an important role to know whether the consultant is genuine or fake. 4: Read the feedback and reviews of the clients: One of the best ways to know about the consultant truly, is to read the feedback that is given by the former clients. In this way you would get true information which is of great importance. Apart from this you can read his/her testimonial to know about services, application process and other important details. 5: Charges: The most important issue that many people face is that Canada Migration consultant in India has numerous hidden and service charges which makes the whole process very costly. A genuine consultant would tell you about all the charges in starting. If a consultant is not discussing about the hidden charges, it is your right to ask him. This could probably save you from ending into a costly deal.

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