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UK is a land of welcome and investment for Europeans and for the French in particular who, according to the Foreign Ministry were 130,000 to settle there in 2013. This figure is constantly changing since 2001; the Britain dream is still present on the old continent. Moving to the UK is a motivating project for these French people, but individuals are not the only ones looking to North Britain. Indeed, if we take into account the stocks of FDI of the European Union (the volumes of money invested in business), we see that the UK is the first target market for business investment professionals European.

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“The attractiveness of North Britain does not change much because the idea that we can succeed is well anchored here,” says the experienced French diplomat Mr. Bouchard. At the end of 2014, the number of French nationals departing for the UK was up 4.9%.

The strengths of the UK real estate market or why invest in the UK real estate

Many French people have taken the plunge, why not you?

The real estate market abroad, benefits from the purchasing power of the French who, for several years do not hesitate to invest in the purchase of real estate , to ensure a higher rental yield than in France, either to spend their holidays or their retreats.

Are all the destinations of an investment abroad reliable?

The destinations are not all equal and it will be necessary to analyze the following parameters before deciding: the economic reliability of the country, its dynamics of employment, its taxation, its legislation for foreign buyers, financing conditions and of course the location of the property in which you want to invest.

Why are the UK an ideal destination for real estate investment abroad?

Also, as part of a real estate investment in the UK, the rule applies as much as for any other country in vogue in Europe. In this small game of profitability and reliability, the UKare in the circle of countries to be privileged. You can also visit to for getting a better option now.

Indeed, economically reliable market, employment growth, advantageous taxation and a sympathy capital like that for some UK cities or some states. It was enough for the French are inclined to invest in real estate in the UK for many years. And everything gives them reason as this friendly country remains a fertile land for a real estate investment despite or thanks to the subprime crisis in particular.

The UK still constitute in 2017 the eldorado of European capital investments abroad

FDI stocks (direct investment by EU Member States in third countries), which represent the share of investments made by European countries abroad, decreased over the period 2009-2014. Nevertheless, the UK is a privileged land for these investments . Thus, at the end of 2014, North Britain had the highest proportion (40.2%) of FDI stocks in the European Union of 28 countries abroad.

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