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Driving under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicating substances is against the law. Traffic officers will require you to take sobriety tests to ascertain the level of alcohol in your system. Then The authorities will arrest you for violating the regulations and book you if they have evidence of intoxication.

Hiring a lawyer can help you fight the charges in court and clear your name. If it is your first time arrested for the offense, you might get probation, have to pay fines, or the judge may revoke your license. Suppose you have been prosecuted for similar offenses. In that case, you can get jail time or the other sentences, depending on the judges ruling.

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What to Expect

A DUI accident case will be different if it causes personal injuries to another party. You may be liable for asset damage and injuries to the individual. Most times, you will not expect a lawsuit from drunk driving. You probably think your insurance can handle the matter, but it is usually not the case. Although the companies pay for claims during accidents, it does not limit the other party from suing you. However, you will get a notification about the lawsuit in writing, and it will have the date to appear in court. The law requires the complainant to serve you within a month of filing a case with the court. Still, the timelines can be longer if they find it challenging to locate the defendant.

What to do

A court will require you to answer the charges on the documents the complainant serves you with, and it is essential to comply. You must consult your DUI lawyer immediately after receiving the papers so they can advise you on what to do. They know the process and will ensure you observe the timelines. Failure to file your motions with the court will necessitate them to make a judgment.

Apart from informing an attorney about the lawsuit, inform your insurer as soon as possible. Insurance companies should hire an attorney to help you with your defense if the coverage you had covered the damages the complainant is seeking compensation for. Since the firms are for-profit, they will unlikely want to pay for the damages. You will need a personal lawyer to represent you during the court hearing. The legal experts can seek to settle the issue out of court if you are liable for the accident. They will request a pre-trial where both sides present their case. If the evidence is overwhelmingly against you, your attorney can try to settle it out of court. Still, they will defend you if the case goes to trial.

The Final Thoughts

Causing an accident when driving under the influence does not mean you are liable for damages. Although you may seem guilty, the other person may be at fault too. You can prove their liability in the accident through their actions. Maybe the other person did not follow traffic laws or was overspeeding. An experienced lawyer will help you argue the case and defend your innocence.

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