By | 2020-11-24

Have you been recently charged with any DUI case in California? Are you well aware of the California DUI laws? If you know someone or have been booked under such similar conditions, it is time for you to know about these cases in detail.

One of the first things to know about such cases is that your finances, freedom of mobility, and even reputation are all on the line right now. And a conviction like this can devastate any of these conditions for you. But that doesn’t mean you have no roads left to explore for yourself.  Please be assured that you still have hope left. Here are a few of the vital information about these cases that you must know right now:

  • Field Sobriety Tests:

You must have seen such tests often conducted on your favorite TV series. But did you know that these tests are known as the field sobriety tests? You might be asked to walk in a straight line or stand on one foot for these tests.

However, these can be refused without any immediate consequences. But, if the on-duty officer didn’t make this rule clear to you, you can even ask your lawyer to argue that any evidence collected during the test shall be deemed inadmissible.

  • DMV Hearings

One of the primary things you must know is that the DUI arrests are unique in specific ways that they won’t be tried according to the country’s criminal justice system alone. Instead, the Department of Motor Vehicles or DMV would be arranging the hearings for you. Also, you get around ten days only to request for any DMV hearing right after the day of your arrest.

However, this hearing is slightly different from the usual one. That is because; you would be challenging to revoke the driving license and not contest your innocence from the crime.

  • Reasonable Suspicion

It is one of the essential points for you to consider and even question this fact in your defense line in the courtroom. That is because; any police officer isn’t permitted to pull anyone over until they have any suspicion or reasonable evidence to it.

And for that, they have to maintain protocols while using any particular DUI checkpoint strictly. So, if you get caught in such a troubled situation or legal case, you have the right to question such an aspect. But make sure to get an experienced attorney to handle the questions and every other detail in the courtroom.

  • Chemical Tests

You have to undergo specific chemical tests which would be conducted by the concerned authorities. But if you want to refuse to take any blood, urine, or breath test, then you might lose your license then and there. Hence, make sure to get a proper DUI attorney by your side if you intend to challenge the test results in the courtroom.

Final Thoughts

Many DUI legal cases might never go to the courtroom as well. Yes, it might sound a little strange, but it is the truth.

And it can be quite profitable for you. How? That is because, without any particular DUI lawyer present for you, the entire criminal justice system and DMV may hit you only with few penalties. However, no matter what, make sure to have an attorney for appropriate legal suggestions.


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