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The commercial lawyers you choose can have a series of repercussions on your personal circumstances and that of your business. Commercial lawyers in Melbourne can help businesses with a range of matters, but predominantly they create and check over legal documents, such as those pertaining to mergers and acquisitions, employee contracts, and suppliers. Commercial lawyers also play another important role – protecting you and your company from litigation. From these brief examples, it’s possible to see the power of good commercial lawyers in Melbourne. This article will provide some tips to help you locate a reliable commercial lawyer in your area.

Ask Those Closest to You

If you’re not the only business owner in your family or friend circle, then you might be able to find the perfect referral for commercial lawyers in Melbourne right under your nose. The best thing about asking people who you know well is that they’ll be unlikely to give you a bad referral, plus they may be able to tell if you’d like the person they’re referring based on personality. After all, it’s important that you get along with your commercial lawyer, so personality is an aspect you need to pay attention to when making your choice.

Ask Business Associates

If you’re looking for reliable commercial lawyers in Melbourne, perhaps the best place to look is among other businesspeople. If you’re part of a mastermind, an association or other networking group, there could be many people at your meet-ups that know great commercial lawyers. But you’ll never find that out if you don’t make it known that you’re looking. Start asking around your business networks and see if you can get a good reference from someone you trust.

Search Online

Don’t know anyone in business who might know a good commercial lawyer? The next thing to try issearching online. Just type in “best commercial lawyers Melbourne”and you’ll quickly have a list of contenders. Make a shortlist, and then get some criteria questions ready to ask them over the phone so you can work out whether they’re the right firm for your business. While an initial phone call can be helpful, it’s usually best to meet any prospective lawyers in person so you can get a more complete idea of their personality and qualities.

Ask a Professional Association

Just as you might be part of professional organisation relating to your field of work, so might the commercial lawyers in Melbourne that you’re trying to find. Search online for commercial lawyerassociations to find one that could give you a good recommendation.


If you’re looking for commercial lawyers in Melbourne, you should already be aware of the importance of your task. Ultimately, it’s best to get reliable referrals for commercial lawyers from someone who you know and trust. But if this isn’t possible, you can look elsewhere and use questions to gain insight into different lawyers’ approaches to see which resonates with you and your business the most.

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