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Sometimes companies need a lawyer for a temporary project, but do not necessarily have the urge to hire a full-time attorney. In an article written by Mark Cohen on, it states that “law is moving from a labor-intensive industry to where lawyers perform all “legal” work to a digitized platform.” The way the program works is that project lawyers will submit the proposal for a project. The hiring lawyer reviews the proposals and then picks the lawyer that will suit their needs. In most cases, the hiring lawyer pays the invoice plus a 10% service fee.

Benefits of the Lawyer Exchange Program

One major benefit of using the platform is that it reduces overhead. It allows your company to have access to a database of high-quality project lawyers, ready to do the job. Once you post the project on the site you have the opportunity to compare proposals from a variety of lawyers.

An additional benefit to using the service, is that you can offer a lower rate to your clients. It saves money from hiring a full-time employee at high end hourly billing rates. It also allows you the opportunity supervise the work of the project lawyer to ensure that your client is getting top quality service.

If you are a project lawyer looking for work, a platform like allows you to find a project that interests you. You showcase the projects on your resume while gaining more experience. Most likely you would be able to complete more projects in six months, than you would have in an entire year. This allows you to show off your work to other companies, which gives you a greater chance in being hired for future projects.

How many of us dream about the chance to reduce commute time by working from home? Well as an independent contractor you have total control over your hours, compensation and work location. This is a job that can be done remotely. You don’t have to commute to an office and spend hours away from your family. You can work in the comfort of your own home.

Having a network of professionals in your field always helps towards the advancement of your career. This service also allows you to network with other attorneys. You can benefit from the experience and expertise of other lawyers in your field. Also, you don’t have to be a fully barred attorney to take advantage of the services. It is open to law students and recent graduates. Another benefit is that the project lawyer does not have to be licensed in the state where the project’s client is located. The service also provides information regarding necessary state registration requirements essential for the project. However, in most cases this wouldn’t be a major factor, because the licensed hiring lawyer of that state is the one responsible for overseeing the work. 

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