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If you have been driving for a period of time, it is quite likely that you have gotten trapped between two semi-trucks on the highway. Visions of them crashing into your vehicle probably have gone through your head. This is a situation that most people like to avoid. The sheer size of these trucks makes them quite dangerous when involved in an accident, especially with a passenger car. What else adds to these dangers?

Length and Weight

Although the size makes a huge difference when a semi-truck is involved in an accident with a smaller vehicle, the weight is another factor. When you consider that the average passenger car weighs roughly 3500 pounds, and a semi can weigh up to 60,000 or 70,000 pounds, a collision can have devastating results. Additionally, because they are much longer than a typical vehicle, it can be difficult to determine if you have enough room to pass.

Another thing that many people do not realize is the driver of the semi may not be able to see you. There are blind spots all around the 18-wheeler, and this is the cause of many accidents. An example of a firm that offers an 18-wheeler accident lawyer Houston is Simon & O’Rourke Law Firm, P.C. . Generally, if you cannot see their mirrors, they cannot see you. It is important that you leave plenty of room when passing a semi-truck to help avoid an accident that could be quite serious.

More Space is Needed for Stopping and Going

Another thing that makes a semi-truck more dangerous is the distance and time needed to stop and go. Because they are so much larger, they will need far more room to stop than a passenger car. This can result in rear-ending a vehicle in front of them, especially when they are in heavy traffic that is constantly stopping and going.

Driver Error

Driver error is responsible for many vehicle accidents including 18-wheelers. Often, drivers continue on their journey even when they are tired. Truck drivers are on the road for many hours, and fatigue is a major cause of accidents. It takes only a few seconds for a truck to veer into another lane and hit a vehicle. This is another reason it is a good idea to leave plenty of room between your car and a semi-truck, and stay alert.

There is no doubt an 18-wheeler can be quite dangerous when it strikes a passenger car. Millions of people are injured or killed each year as a result of this type of accident. Although not all accidents are preventable, by following a few safety precautions, it is possible to reduce the risk of an accident.

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