By | 2018-03-23
Fair Debt Collection Practices Act Great Help for Abusive Debt Collection Victims

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act or FDCPA is created with the objective to prevent the use of abusive debt collection tactics by the debt collectors. This particular law dictates how this type of collectors should act when they actually want to collect debts from the consumers. For example, they cannot call you at your workplace without your permission and they cannot use abusive or obscene language at any point of time. To know about your rights, it is advisable that you should take the help of a lawyer who is well aware of FDCPA violations and the rights that are available for the consumers under this act. This article will highlight on a few important rights as being mentioned in Fair Debt Collection Practices Act that you are eligible to get as a consumer to tackle the abusive debt collectors. Right to get proper information If they wish to contact you for the first time, it is vital that they should first inform you that you have your right to dispute it. Plus, they should tell its exact amount, the full name of your creditor and other information that are related to it. Plus, they should tell you the fact that if it is not disputed within one month, then your effort to dispute it will not be considered to be the valid one. Moreover, they should be able to send its details within four or five days after they communicate with you via telephone. Ask for verification of the debt If you find any sort of discrepancy about it, it is vital that you should ask for written verification of your debt from them. However, it is important that you should send your request of written verification within one month of your initial communication with them. It is vital that they should also stop all sorts of their strategies to collect it until and unless the whole process gets completed successfully. Write letter to your debt collectors If they call you at your workplace or if they call you at odd hours, it is important that you should write a letter to prevent all these tactics to harass you. Once you send this type of letter, it is vital that they should contact you to inform you about particular legal actions that they want to pursue against you. Protect your privacy In order to protect your privacy, it is vital that they should not inform anyone other than the authorized individuals such as your spouse or your attorney about it. Under this particular law, it is also prohibited that they must not leave details over the answering machine of your telephone because there is possibility that your personal details may be disclosed at certain point of time.