By | 2019-08-16

Being injured in a car accident due to a drunk driver can have a negative effect on your health for years. From personal injury complications to liability issues, drunk driving accidents bring on a host of stressful situations. Additionally, auto insurance claim guidelines can complicate the settlement process. Be prepared for the worst by following these three tips to handling injuries caused by a drunk driver.

  1. Assess injuries and damages thoroughly

The first thing to do after being involved in an accident with a drunk driver is to assess your personal injuries and damage to your vehicle. Depending on the severity of the accident, and if you are still at the scene of the collision, take photographic evidence of damages.

If your injuries are severe and you’re taken to a hospital right away, make sure to keep all records of hospital procedures. Keep hospital invoices with you and make copies to send to your insurance provider. Record any loss of wages during this time as well, as this money can be reimbursed through the claims process. Retain a copy of the police report for proof of what occurred during the accident.

  1. File an insurance claim

Take time after the accident to get in touch with your insurance provider to file a claim. Submit any documents you may have collected, such as photos of damage to your vehicle, hospital documents concerning injuries, and the police report. Although you may want to file a claim under the liable party’s insurance, avoid giving a statement to them until the official police report is submitted. This will cover all your bases in regards to liability and negligence claims against the drunk driver in question. If the other party has a DUI, this will also help in proving their negligence and will result in a smoother settlement process.

  1. Don’t settle right away

Unfortunately, there is no going back after you choose to sign the settlement release and process your settlement check. This means that no matter what other personal injury issues arise later on, you won’t be compensated for these additional issues caused by a drunk driver accident.

Contact a local attorney like The Boyle Law Firm to make sure you have collected all settlement in question from the accident. This will guarantee that you receive complete reimbursement for all charges related to your personal injury.