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Whenever an acquaintance, a loved one or you get involved in an accident resulting in injuries or harm, the whole situation requires emotional and physical strength. Many people cannot handle the legal processes, from the stress of lawsuits and insurance claims to getting quality health care to recover fully.

A personal injury lawyer can assist claimants to survive through the difficult parts of the legal steps. This is because the client will be concerned with recovery as the attorney helps to ensure that the client is well represented and not denied compensation by the insurance companies.

Consulting with a personal injury lawyer

It is essential to meet with a professional personal injury lawyer as soon as an accident takes place. At Mike Morse law firm, personal injury attorneys often focus on the specific situations regarding your injury case. They find out whether the accident involved the negligence of another person.  In addition, they assess how severe the harm or injuries were, including your medical bill and legal choices.

When you choose your counsel, they will investigate your injury claim from police reports, the scene of the casualty, witnesses, medical history and costs, employment history, and any other relevant information. Your attorney will get all the information about the vehicles involved in the accident. The client is also informed as the investigation progresses and the case builds up.

Request for settlement

This stage involves a call for settlement where the claimant presents a request letter that contains the extent of damages and liability. Liability and damages often include harm caused, pain, loss of life and earnings, future medical expenses, and loss of life’s comfort. The insurance company, business, or the person who is the opposing party reacts to the letter by either accepting the settlement demand or rejecting it. Sometimes the opposing party may make a counteroffer. However, the exceptionality of the demand letter is essential. If both parties cannot agree on the settlement offers and conditions, the personal injury attorney will file a lawsuit demanding compensation.

Finding out more about the case

Before both parties go to trial, they will gather more proof from each other. Then each party will evaluate the extensive features of their cases. The Mike Morse team often works tirelessly to collect the appropriate facts that explain more about the background of your injury case.

A judge may call for an informal proceeding with both parties to avoid trial and to make efforts to convince both parties to agree on a settlement. It is crucial to have experienced legal personnel to handle this aspect of your injury case.

Going for trial

If the efforts of the judge to resolve the case remain unresolved, the next stage is trial. The jury is often present in this situation to analyze the facts, decide the wrong party, and point out the damages. Having records of success can also determine if the case will end successfully.

However, the party that lost the case may decide to appeal a case. This process of appealing is very different from the trial procedures. The expertise of the attorney helping with the appeal can also determine the outcome.


Dealing with these stages is very difficult and may end in extended court proceedings and financial compensation that might be inadequate. Getting a personal injury attorney who is an expert in personal injury lawyer will ensure the best representation in your insurance claims and lawsuits.

Even with these litigation steps, personal injury attorneys at Mike Morse law firm are innovative. They can apply necessary improvements depending on how sensitive and different a personal injury case is.

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