By | 2018-06-28

Sustaining a major injury can have far reaching implications on your life, making it almost impossible for you to fend for yourself and family or loved ones, not to mention the huge medical bills you may be required to offset. The best thing is that you can actually seek compensation for the damage caused, especially if the injury or incident was due to the negligence of another person, a group of people or an organization.

Personal Injury Law Firms in Timmins

If you are in Timmins and need legal assistance with pursuing a personal injury case, these are law firms with qualified personal injury lawyers that can help ensure that you receive the kind of compensation you deserve. These lawyers have vast experience in handling different types of personal injury cases involving individuals as well as institutions. Whether you are looking for a firm with the best dental malpractice lawyers or you need the services of an offshore injury lawyer in Timmins, these firms can assist you. Their main areas of practice include:

  1. Medical and Dental Malpractice

You may have gone to a dentist or doctor in order to seek treatment or professional medical assistance for a certain medical or health condition you may be experiencing, only for you to come out in a worse state than when you went in due to the negligence of the practitioners. If you are such a person and are looking out for medical or dental malpractice lawyers to help you pursue the case legally, these firms can help. Their qualified lawyers can handle cases involving:

a)Surgical errors

b)Emergency room errors

c)Birth injuries

d)Anesthesia errors

e)Failure to diagnose or misdiagnosis

f)Post-operative errors

g)Medication errors

h)Failure to treat infections

i)Facial nerve injuries

j)Orthodontics malpractice

  1. Serious Motor Vehicle Accidents

Most of the car accidents and major vehicle collisions are usually due to the negligent conduct and carelessness of other drivers. In case you were involved in such an accident as a driver, pedestrian or passenger, you may actually be entitled to some form of financial compensation depending on the level of damage or harm caused. You just need to contact legal experts from these firms and they will be there to help you pursue and win the case and receive your rightful compensation.

  1. Slip and Fall Accidents

Under Canadian law every property owner is supposed to put in place measures that will either warn or prevent individuals from getting injured while on their property. In case you slipped and fell while on another person’s property and got injured in the process, you could actually seek to be compensated for the harm or injuries caused, medical treatment and loss of income due to your inability to work under premises liability claims. If you need legal assistance with such matters, these law firms have what it takes to help.

Other major areas of practice they have specialized in include catastrophic injuries, airplane and boat accidents, life insurance, as well as disability insurance disputes. The highly dedicated lawyers at these firms will not give up on your case until they see to it that you have received full compensation for the damage or injuries caused. Whether you are keenly searching for good medical and dental malpractice lawyers or a law firm that can provide you with the best offshore injury lawyer in Timmins, these firms can assist you.