By | 2022-03-10

The very first meeting you have with an injury lawyer is very important. You have to be heard and you need to decide if the legal professional is someone you want to hire or not. In order to make the process easier for you, here are some things you have to be aware of. This will help you have a much more effective first meeting with your considered injury lawyer Mississippi.

Basics To Be Aware Of

During the consultation, you talk to the injury lawyer about what happened. Questions are going to be asked after you present everything you can. You can expect some very difficult questions but you have to always answer them as honestly as you can.

The main goal of the attorney during the consultation is to gain as much data as they can about what happened and what you went through. Then, practical case aspects are going to be discussed.

Expect This From The Consultation

You should receive a form from the attorney that authorizes medical information release from your health care providers. This helps because the lawyer will be able to obtain medical records. Then, they need to know as much as possible about insurance coverage. In the event that there is a need to talk with an insurance company from a third party, you are advised against it without the presence of the attorney. If you did talk to an adjustor already, you will be asked questions about what you said.

Case conversations also include discussions about potential eyewitnesses and the several legal options you might have at the moment. Keep in mind that it is common to be contacted after the first meeting for more details and more discussions about the case. This is true even if the case is not yet accepted or you do not sign the contract firsts since more evidence might be needed before legal options are discussed.

You might be advised to go see a doctor whenever some physical problems are present and you exhibit symptoms that could highlight the presence of a more serious medical problem. If this is mentioned by the attorney, it is very important to respect it. The lawyer is experienced and saw many different injuries over the years. If they tell you to go to the doctor, you have to since there is a pretty good possibility they are right and you are more injured than you think.

The last thing you should know is that the injury attorney might end up referring you to another legal professional. Something like this is possible when the attorney cannot take the case. Such a situation can be a reality because of several circumstances. However, it is not something that means the case is not winnable or other things people might tell you.

Final Thoughts

Meeting the injury attorney is not something to worry about. It is an honest conversation in which you discuss the case, you ask questions, the attorney asks questions, and you basically figure out what you can do to receive the financial compensation you deserve.