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Unfortunately, someone else´s irresponsibility and negligence at the wrong time and place may have serious consequences, such as somebody getting hurt or harmed badly.

If this is the case, a personal injury situation is given, where the victim has the right to claim for proper and fair monetary compensation.

Now, in many cases the injured does not know how to proceed or even the subsequent hurt or illness may appear later on, since every harming situation is different.

Anyhow, at the moment the personal injury victim becomes aware of the consequences an incidental produced and someone else is to blame, legal instances must be reached.

Getting a personal injury lawyer is the way to go, and Reno personal injury victims can count on Richard Harris Law Firm to hire a licensed, experienced and capable attorney in the matter.

Process to start a claim for personal injury cases

In order to start the process of requesting financial return and other benefits, the personal injury victim must present a case to the legal instances.

Usually, these cases get to court and depending on the severity of the illness or injury, verdict can last from months to several years, as something to keep in mind.

This is what every personal injury victim should do:

·         Find a licensed and experience personal injury lawyer

With no proper legal representation, presenting and wining a personal injury case will be very difficult, if not impossible.

Therefore, the first thing to do is to find a personal injury lawyer, as the ideal and specialized attorney in this specific matter and situation.

In details, the right solicitor is going to give valuable support and guidance in how to proceed respecting every aspect of the case.

For instance, gathering and collecting incidental and medical evidence proofs that indicate the plaintiff is suffering personal consequences, given by an accident where other was to blame.

In this way, putting together and presenting a suitable and strong case will be possible, allowing to ask for proper settlement in court against the defendant´s insurance and legal representative.

·         Begin the claim as soon as possible

As soon as the person realizes is suffering harm respecting a personal injury case, litigation and related claim must be started.

You see, this is very important to know since in many cases, injuries do not appear immediately. For instance, when it comes to drug injuries or elements that cause poisoning and related illness, effects are noticed some time later.

Courts in Reno, Nevada receive cases within three years consequences are perceived by the victim.

·         Duration of the case

Something really important to know is that no personal injury case is going to be solved in one day. Depending on many aspects: severity of illness or injury, third party´s cooperation, claim adjusters outside court and more have influence on how long the case will take to settle.

For mild injuries with short-term and temporal effects, the case will settle usually in a few weeks or months. On the other hand, when the injury caused disability or any other type of permanent impairment, the case can take several years to be settled.

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